320307_4300560436035_1554946577_nI love this picture of the squirrel. I enter it a lot into photo competitions only because he has the cutest face, and he’s looking directly at the camera.

How I got this picture is actually a cute story…

We were at the  park having a picnic with several of my daughter’s friends and while we were waiting for the hamburgers and hotdogs to be ready, the kids were munching out on the chips. Well, this little guy made his way down the tree and stayed close by to the shelter. After a while one of the kids started feeding him corn chips. He would take one, run up the tree, turn around and hang upside down to eat his chip.

After he did this a couple of times, I decided I was going to try to get a picture of him. So I grabbed my camera and after he had run up the tree, I slowly positioned myself against the tree looking up, and he started to climb down and hung there just looking at me eating his chip. It was almost like he was posing for his perfect shot! He was about two feet from the camera when I took this.

I also like to take sunsets, and since they happen everyday… I get a chance to get a beautiful shot of the sun going down on the beach! These are some of my favorites!


Florida Sunset


Online photo challenges

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